Snap brings its AR lenses to Chrome through an extension

Snap brings its AR lenses to Chrome through an extension

Back when we were all stuck at home in 2020 and had to stay on video calls all day, some companies tried to with augmented reality filters and background replacements. Maybe they caused someone, somewhere to smile once or twice. Although it’s hard to argue that they lifted most people out of the doom and gloom of the pandemic, the filters by and large stuck around.

That’s not entirely true in Snap’s case. The company used to have that included AR folders, but it . Now Snap is bringing its AR lenses to the desktop in a different way — via a Google Chrome extension.

can enable AR lenses directly on your webcam. You can then use them for video calls, livestreams, video recordings and so on. Unlike the previous desktop app, you will need to sign in with a Snapchat account to use the lenses. You’ll be able to employ any custom lenses you create too.

Bringing the lenses to Chrome will give you a bit more flexibility, but they didn’t appear from the desktop entirely. Microsoft Teams started using the filters last year.

AR lenses have long been ingrained in Snapchat’s identity. They’re one of the major features that helped the app stand out alongside the early selling point of ephemeral visual messages. So it makes sense for Snap to make use of them in as many areas as possible. While the lenses might liven things up a bit when you’re on a Discord call with friends, it’s hard to imagine anyone having a shooting star effect or a virtual frog headpiece in place during a serious conference call.

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