Everything You Need to Know About Copilot+

Everything You Need to Know About Copilot+

New Snapdragon X chips promise intense performance on the new ARM-based PCs, but they also promise better than-ever AI performance.
Photo: Microsoft

If you missed out on everything Microsoft announced before and during its big Build developer conference, let me catch you up. There are AI agents, new AI models, AI real-time translations, AI transcriptions, and–best of all–all new Copilot+ computers that are supposed to make these AI tasks available on-device. It’s a lot of promises and features that could or could not enhance your Windows 11 experience. Either way, they’re coming whether you like it or not.

The big news is the new hardware. Copilot+ PCs are sporting new ARM-based chips with major performance gains over competitors like Intel’s Core Ultra or Apple’s M-series. The Qualcomm Snapdragon X series CPUs also have neural processors capable of handling new on-device AI software. This includes the controversial new “Recall” feature that takes snapshots of everything you do on your laptop and allows you to search through them with AI.

So, on the one hand, we have new, more powerful, more efficient processors that may still not be compatible with some of your most regularly used apps on PC (not to mention you’ll struggle to play some games on it). On the other hand, we have AI, some of which will work on devices but more that won’t. All we know for sure is that Windows 11 and the PC experience will start to look very different over the next few months.

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