RIP Silk: Spider-Society

RIP Silk: Spider-Society

Conspicuously absent from the incredible news this week that Nicolas Cage was coming to Prime Video to play Spider-Man Noir was a single mention of Silk: Spider-Society, another Spider-Verse show that has been in the works for a long, long time.

Well, it seems, there was a good reason for that. The Hollywood Reporter says that the show, which was being showrun by Walking Dead’s Angela Kang, is no longer moving forward. That’s something of a shock considering it had been in the works since 2019 in various capacities. It will, however, be shopped to other streamers.

As recently as December, word was that Kang was getting ready to reassemble her writer’s room post-strike but was already seeing some pushback. Soon after that, further reports were that Prime Video wanted a new direction for the show and let everyone go save for Kang. Which, it seems now, was kind of the beginning of the end.

According to Deadline, the higher-ups began pushing the show away from the character of Silk herself, and even though Kang reportedly made one final attempt, Prime decided to shift all resources over to Noir and give Silk the boot. A Prime Video spokesperson confirmed to io9 that the news was accurate but didn’t offer further comment.

Now, while the projects are wholly unrelated, you wonder if the failure of Madame Web, which was released right in the middle of all this, played any role in the executive’s decision. That’s a theatrical release, this was a streaming show, but both center on women under the same Sony Spider-Verse umbrella. Maybe the risk didn’t seem worth the reward. Nevertheless, you certainly feel for anyone who put years of their lives into working on a show that never came to fruition. And, maybe, someone else will scoop it up.

For Prime though, all eyes turn to Noir, which should be awesome. And hopefully, its journey to the screen will be more silky smooth.

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