Apple is said to be working on a ‘significantly thinner’ iPhone

Apple is said to be working on a ‘significantly thinner’ iPhone

Just like it slimmed down the latest iPad Pro, Apple is said to be looking at making the iPhone more slender. To be more precise, the company is working on a “significantly thinner” device that may arrive as part of the iPhone 17 lineup in place of a Plus model, according to The Information.

This model has been described as an iPhone X-level leap forward in design language for the company, according to several sources. Apple has yet to lock down the design and it’s said to be looking at various options, including an aluminum chassis. An upgraded front-facing camera could be housed alongside Face ID sensors in a smaller pill-shaped cutout, while the rear camera array could move to the center of the phone (that could reduce the possibility of accidentally covering the lenses with your fingers). The screen size is pegged somewhere in between that of the current base iPhone and the iPhone Pro Max — so between 6.12 and 6.69 inches.

If that’s of interest to you, it’s worth bearing in mind that the slimmed down iPhone may actually be more expensive than the iPhone Pro Max, which starts at $1,200. But hey, at least you’ll have some time to save for it.

This thinner model could be set to replace the Plus in the iPhone lineup. The report suggests that there will be an iPhone 16 Plus, but that could be the end of that format, which hasn’t lived up to Apple’s sales expectations. This year’s iPhones are said to be more about AI advancements than any major changes to the physical design, though there may be a new button on the side with touch sensitivity for improved camera control.

Engadget has asked Apple for comment on the report. Meanwhile, there’s unfortunately no indication that the company is going back to smaller screen sizes. I still miss my iPhone 5 sometimes.

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