Your T-Mobile Bill Might Get More Expensive in June

Your T-Mobile Bill Might Get More Expensive in June

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If you think your T-Mobile phone bill is already pricey, there could be some bad news coming. The mobile carrier plans to increase prices on some plans as soon as June.

T-Mobile customers on Simple Choice, ONE, or Magenta plans might see a jump of $2 or $5 per voice line, as first reported by The Mobile Report on Wednesday.

“As costs continue to rise, for the first time in nearly a decade we’re making small adjustments to the prices of some of our oldest rate plans,” Jon Freier, president of T-Mobile’s consumer group, said in a company memo on Wednesday.

T-Mobile customers affected by the jump in cost will be notified sometime on Wednesday via text and will notice the change in their June statement. Frier says in the memo that the majority of T-Mobile customers will not be affected.

The move to increase prices is being blamed on inflation, according to The Mobile Report.

Customers who were notified about the bill increase should expect to be pressured into another plan when calling T-Mobile customer service. The mobile carrier has been pushing to get users on older plans with unlimited talk and text onto newer plans.

The last few years have been busy for T-Mobile. In 2020, it merged with competitor Sprint for a whopping $26 billion creating a mobile behemoth that is now the largest telecom company in the U.S. Earlier this month, T-Mobile made another move and acquired popular prepaid carrier Mint Mobile. That deal was for $1.35 billion with co-owner and Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds earning himself a nice $300 million.

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