Wordle Now Lets You Go Back and Play Puzzles You May Have Missed

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Rejoice, Wordle lovers. The game’s owner, the New York Times, has announced that paying subscribers will now be able to go back into an archive of over a thousand previous Wordle puzzles to play them at their leisure. Previous to this, the game’s puzzles were very much like an episode of television in the early days: That is, if you didn’t catch it on the day in question, it was gone forever. Now, however, Wordle fans can rest easy with the knowledge that they’ll always be able to go back to re-hash one particular linguistic conundrum or another.

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“The Wordle archive ensures our community of solvers can catch up on the puzzles they may have missed, solve them at their own pace or simply enjoy more of the game they know and love,” the paper’s gaming team shared, in its blog post about the update.

A visual provided by the paper makes the archive look very much like a calendar. Users will be able to click on one particular date or another and see what the puzzle was for that day.

“We are thrilled to unlock the official Wordle archive for our subscribers,” said Jonathan Knight, head of Games at The New York Times. “This expansion is not just about playing past puzzles; it’s about deepening the connection our community has with Wordle and with each other. We believe this will make the daily puzzle even more engaging and provide even more moments of surprise and delight for our subscribers to share with friends and family.”

Wordle was bought by the New York Times in 2022 at the height of the game’s popularity. Since then, the newspaper has expanded its gaming operations, launching many other low-key, brain-teaser-type dalliances to keep subscribers glued to the newspaper’s app. Last year, the newspaper launched Digits, a daily math-based puzzle game.

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