WB’s Green Lantern Show Has Enlisted Damon Lindelof to Write It

WB’s Green Lantern Show Has Enlisted Damon Lindelof to Write It

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Warner Bros. has had a Green Lantern TV series in the works for nearly five years now, with slices of new information for its original iteration coming out once or twice a year. Our new info for 2024 indicates things are apparently far enough along that the show’s writing staff can be public knowledge, and it may be our first step towards a bigger reveal in the near future.

Directories for the WGA reveal the writers on hand for the series. For many interested in the show, the biggest name on the docket will be Damon Lindelof, best known for…well, quite a few things, like Lost, The Leftovers, and more recently Mrs. Davis. He’s got previous DC experience with HBO’s Watchmen miniseries, on which he was also an executive producer and showrunner. It’s likely he’ll be an EP for this—a position he’s had for almost every show he’s had direct involvement in since Lost back in 2004—but what’s less clear is whether or not he’ll showrun. That duty was previously held by Seth Grahame-Smith, but he departed the series entirely in late 2022, just a day after James Gunn was appointed DC’s new TV and film head.

Fellow writers on the show include Chris Mundy, a showrunner, EP and recurring writer for Netflix’s Ozark, and Counterpart writer Justin Britt-Gibson. Nexus Point News spotted Breanah Gibson (executive story editor on The Penguin) and The Morning Show writer Vanessa Kelly as additional members of the writing team. However, at time of writing, it’s also unclear who else is writing the show.

Interestingly, each writers’ page lists Lanterns as a 2024-2025 show. It could be a target year that gets updated once WB locks down a more firm date in the future, or maybe it’s expected to have a launch late in the year that bleeds into 2025. We’ll find out more on Lanterns and its whole deal in the coming weeks, especially with Comic-Con not too far away.

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