Wallace & Gromit’s New Movie Will Bring Back the Greatest Villain In Animation History

Image: Aardman/Netflix

We’ve had a vague inkling ever since it was first announced that part of Aardman Animation and Netflix’s movie team up would include the next Wallace & Gromit film, of just what the film would be about. But now, we know its title: and that it’ll feature the return of the criminal underworld’s most infamous rooster/penguin/villainous mastermind.

As part of a spate of announcements about its upcoming animation slate today, Netflix confirmed that the full title of the next Wallace & Gromit adventure—the first since the 2008 TV special A Matter of Loaf & Death—will be Vengeance Most Fowl. And yes, Wallace & Gromit fans, that title should get you wondering, because it’s true: Feathers McGraw is back.

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Image: Aardman/Netflix

The new film, directed by Wallace & Gromit creator Nick Park and Aardman’s Creative Director for the franchise, Merlin Crossingham, will, as has previously been revealed, focus on Wallace tinkering on his latest invention obsession: a “Smart Gnome” that is inevitably developing a chaotic mind of its own. But when the Smart Gnome starts acting like there could be something more behind its machinations, Gromit finds himself having to come face to face with the old foe that plagued him and his owner in The Wrong Trousers, in a fight for Wallace’s life.

Wallace & Gromit: Vengeance Most Fowl will stream on Netflix worldwide this winter, outside of the United Kingdom and Ireland, where it will debut exclusively on the BBC.

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