Turn Off That Music, Baby, and Come to Our Doctor Who Spoiler Zone

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New seasons of Doctor Who have always been a big deal, but this one has had even more anticipation behind it. Between Ncuti Gatwa’s Fifteenth Doctor and the return of Russell T. Davies, there’s been the promise of a bold, new era for the sci-fi series, which started on Friday with the two-episode premiere on Disney+.

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Last year’s Christmas special gave us an idea of what Gatwa’s take on the Doctor would be, and the dynamic between him and his new compnion, Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson). Our pair of starter episodes put the duo in two classic Who adventures: in “Space Babies,” the Doctor and Ruby discover a a crew of talking babies in a derelict ship that’s also housing a monster in the lower decks. And in “The Devil’s Chord,” they travel to 1963 and have to make sure the Beatles keep recording music, lest history be changed forever.

Ruby’s First Time in Space! | PREVIEW | Space Babies | Doctor Who

We’ll have a review/recap on both episodes this coming Monday, May 13, but in the meantime, let us know what you thought of “Space Babies” and “The Devil’s Chord” in the comments below. Do the episodes set up the new season, or do they set a weird vibe for the next six weeks?

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