This Vincent Price Figure Comes With a Tiny Cookbook and True Fans Know Why

This Vincent Price Figure Comes With a Tiny Cookbook and True Fans Know Why

Image: NECA

Vincent Price’s endlessly entertaining career saw him starring in now-classic horror films—as well as TV shows, plays, and even a certain smash-hit pop song that gets endlessly replayed every spooky season. This expressive new entry in NECA’s Ultimates line plays up his ties to the macabre—but also nods to Price’s other interests, specifically his secondary career as a gourmet cook and cookbook author.

Even more specifically, as you can see among the included accessories, you get a miniature reproduction of Cooking Price-Wise with Vincent Price, his fourth cookbook—which was released in 1971 and corresponded with a series, also titled Cooking Price-Wise, that he briefly hosted that same year on British TV. Even more than horror, perhaps, creating in the kitchen was in his blood: famously, his grandfather was the inventor of “Dr. Price’s Baking Powder,” a detail that’s explored in the actual cookbook.

The doll version, of course, is just a prop—but what a clever addition to this already nifty seven-inch action figure, which also comes with three interchangeable heads and neckwear options (one must have a cravat); interchangeable hands for mini-Vincent to grasp, gesticulate, and/or menace according to how you pose him; a raven (comes with a special Vincent arm for perching, presumably during Poe recitations); plus a skull, black cat, candlestick, teacup and saucer, cigarettes, and record stack. The only thing missing is the Brady Bunch cursed tiki idol, which you could probably DIY if you really wanted to.

You can pre-order NECA’s Vincent Price Ultimate Action Figure from Big Bad Toy Store now ($38); it’s estimated to arrive just in time for your Halloween festivities this October.

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