The Quirky, Cool and Unusual at CES 2024 – Video

The Quirky, Cool and Unusual at CES 2024 – Video

Speaker 1: Hi, I’m Bridget at CES 2024. Well, actually I’m hologram Bridgett, the real Bridgets over there.

Speaker 2: CES is both wonderful and weird. When you cover the world’s largest technology show, you could find yourself in a lot of strange situations.

Speaker 1: Listen just a little bit longer. I’m thoroughly reviewing this product here.

Speaker 2: To me, the best part of coming here is finding the quirky, cool and unusual like drone soccer, [00:00:30] which is a real thing with international teams and rules. This is the Federation of International Drone Soccer Association. Or maybe we should just call this drone Quidditch bathroom mirrors now have AI to scan you and tell you how to fix your face like this bee mind mirror from Barra Cota.

Speaker 1: Noticeable eye bags. Oh no. Oh no. Wow.

Speaker 2: AI is in everything, even toothbrushes like [00:01:00] the O Clean X Ultra. It talks to you through your bones while you brush your teeth.

Speaker 1: It just talked

Speaker 2: To me

Speaker 1: Over pressure.

Speaker 2: It says it gives you feedback right on a touch screen, and you can get your kids these brushes so parents can get a report of what spots they are missing. There were also innovations that just make life more enjoyable. Some of my favorite things this week include this machine. It’s called the Nimble. It paints your nails. Our producer extraordinaire, Muriel Myers, [00:01:30] gave it a demo for us. I was impressed at how clean this quick manicure came out. It scans the finger. Then a tiny robot arm paints the nail with a tiny vial of paint. A quick job on one finger took two minutes, but if you do your full hand with a base and top coat, they say it’s about 45 minutes for both hands. The machine costs $600. I could spend all day testing the cold snap ice cream machine. It’s like a Keurig [00:02:00] machine, but for ice cream, you pop a can in the machine, freezes it for 90 seconds, and out comes the treat.

Speaker 1: All right, my first boozy ice cream with bourbon. Yep. Okay. It’s good. I don’t typically like bourbon, but this is actually very tasty, and I’m told if I have enough of this, I might feel it. So you know

Speaker 2: It’s not for your home. This is for places like an airport lobby [00:02:30] or a car dealership waiting room, or somewhere in college. That’s a common area. Places where you can just get an instant cold treat without cleaning anything up. This right here made me the happiest at the entire show, and I think I need to buy one right away. Plant pets is a robotic pot that turns an ordinary houseplant into an interactive creature. Sensors in the soil give the leaves capacitive touch. So when you pet a or talk [00:03:00] to the plant, it reacts with a little jiggle or shift or turn, and it has critter sounds. It even tells you if it’s thirsty. There’s a version for flowers in a vase. This is going to make so many people smile, and the price is reasonable. It’s $40 for a small pot. Oh, he’s so cute. How cool is this mo Beyond concept car from Hyundai? The wheels rotate. eCorner steering technology allows the vehicle to move in any direction You can point the wheels independently. The [00:03:30] team behind this said they might be done working on it in 2025, and at that point the tech might start coming to future cars. I want this just to take the pain out of parallel parking. Not everything needs to be big to be important from CES. Sometimes the best tech is the stuff that gives you a little joy.

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