The MonsterVerse Loses a Director!

The MonsterVerse Loses a Director!

Steven Kostanki’s Deathstalker remake releases its first image. Another new look at Alien: Romulus. Plus, you’ll have to read a YA novel to find out what happened at the end of Goosebumps’ first season. Keep watching the spoilers!

The Possession at Gladstone Manor

Bloody-Disgusting reports Barbara Crampton, Lin Shaye, Caylee Cowan, Jesse Metcalf, Charlotte Kirk, Darren Weiss, and William Mapother are attached to star in The Possession at Gladstone Manor, a horror film from director K. Asher Levin.

The story is said to follow Jamie Black, who “discovers her mother has gone missing” and “resolves to investigate by applying for the same job her mother held at Gladstone Manor. Jamie soon finds evidence that her mother isn’t the only missing person and that she may be dealing with sinister forces beyond this world. Desperate, she enlists the help of her brothers – Rupert and Chris – and Sam (Chris’ fiancée): all of whom are professional criminals and former marines. Once Jamie arrives at the house, she is immediately greeted by a mysterious and evil Nurse, and soon realizes the residents of Gladstone Manor are an enemy like no other, with a dark power she’s never faced. Trapped in the house, she must rely on her brothers and future sister-in-law to save her.”

Godzilla x Kong/MonsterVerse

Due to “timing issues,” THR reports Godzilla x Kong’s Adam Wingard will not return to direct a third installment of Legendary’s MonsterVerse franchise.


According to Fangoria, IFC Films and Shudder have acquired the distribution rights to Menace, a “sci-fi horror” film starring Isabel May. Directed by Randall Okita, the plot concerns “a research student who has a psychotic breakdown and is remanded to the custody of her aunt and uncle in a small town. When strange things start happening around her and people start disappearing, she isn’t sure what is real or what is her imagination.”

The Death of Robin Hood

Variety also reports that A24 has acquired the rights to The Death of Robin Hood, a dark reimagining of the legendary outlaw from Pig director, Michael Sarnoski. Starring Hugh Jackman and Jodie Comer, the film sees Robin Hood as “a battle-worn loner [who] finds himself gravely injured and in the hands of a mysterious woman, who offers him a chance at salvation” for his “past after a life of crime and murder.” Production is expected to begin sometime next year.

Deadpool & Wolverine

A recent disclaimer from Ryan Reynolds suggests Deadpool & Wolverine will “completely sidestep Marvel’s mandated after credit sequence.”



Variety has our first look at Daniel Bernhardt in Steven Kostanski’s remake of the 1983 fantasy film, Deathstalker.

Photo: Raven Banner Entertainment

Alien: Romulus

Fandango has a new image from Alien: Romulus.

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice

Fandango additionally has a new poster for Beetlejuice Beetlejuice ahead of tomorrow’s trailer.

Star Wars: The Acolyte

During a recent interview with IGN, showrunner Leslie Headland stated Star Wars: The Acolyte does not include “any Nightsisters” but was “inspired by them.”

The Clone Wars [inspired The Acolyte], a lot being inspired by Nightsisters. We don’t have any Nightsisters in this show, but being inspired by them, being inspired by Asajj Ventress. My favorite episode is The Wrong Jedi. I definitely took some inspiration from that.


Bloody-Disgusting reports the cliffhanger to the first season of Goosebumps will only be resolved in an upcoming young adult novelization releasing this October 1.

Star Trek: Discovery

Spoiler TV has photos from “Lagrange Point,” this week’s episode of Star Trek: Discovery. More at the Link.

Image for article titled The MonsterVerse Loses a Director!

Photo: Paramount+

Image for article titled The MonsterVerse Loses a Director!

Photo: Paramount+

After Moll and the Breen capture a mysterious structure that contains the Progenitors’ power, Captain Burnham must lead a covert mission to retrieve it before the Breen figure out how to use it.

My Adventures With Superman

Finally, Task Force X discovers Kryptonite in a new clip from the second season of My Adventures With Superman.

EARLY PREVIEW: My Adventures with Superman S2E1 | adult swim

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