The Mandalorian’s New Figures Are Some Surprising Deep Cuts

Image: Hasbro

If there’s one thing we know about Hasbro and its Star Wars figures, it’s that they love a Mandalorian. Not just The Mandalorian, the show or the main character, but any Mandalorian character. Mostly because, well, they all have relatively similar armor which, in theory, means mass-producing them is probably just a tiny bit easier.

That pattern continues to some extent with the latest releases from the Black Series line. It’s several members of the Shriek-Hawk and Shriek-Hawk Trainers. Yes, those super duper-popular characters everyone has heard of. They’re named after a creature from The Clone Wars but first were seen on The Mandalorian as those cool, jet-pack flying scouts from season three.

There are two separate figure packs coming, each exclusive to a specific retailers. The single Mandalorian Shriek-Hawk retails for $25, is available this Fall and is exclusive to Target. The double-pack Mandalorian Shrief-Hawk Trainers retails for $45, is also available this Fall and is exclusive to Wal-Mart. See many, many more images of both—in pack and out—in the following slides.

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