The Boys’ New Season is Ready to Crack Skulls and Save the World

The Boys’ New Season is Ready to Crack Skulls and Save the World

Image: Prime Video

Summer’s almost here, and that means it’s time for the return of everyone’s favorite superhero show The Boys. With season four set to kick off in a little over a month, Prime Video released a new trailer that’s got everything you expect from the show now: Supes being chaotic freaks, pointed political imagery, and a lot of blood.

The new season picks up months after the last—and not that long after Gen V’s finale—wherein Butcher discovers a virus that could kill Supes. That virus is currently in the hands of VP candidate Victoria Neuman, but since he’s already dying, he’s got no concern about doing whatever it takes to get it. Meanwhile, the Seven’s got a number of new faces on the team, and after getting cheered for killing a man in broad daylight, Homelander sees an opportunity. If fans love it when they kill regular people who are being dicks, why not lean into that and just be debaucherous, superpowered jerks who are also heroes? It may sit well with most of them, but some, like A-Train and Ashley Barrett, aren’t fully down with the program.

The Boys – Season 4 Official Trailer | Prime Video

As Hughie puts it later in the trailer, the Boys will need to remember who they are and not be as psychotic and power hungry as the Supes they’re trying to take down. That may be easier said than done, though, given Butcher’s timetable, the Seven being the Seven, and new factors like superpowered farm animals going on a tear. At least there’ll be an ice skating performance they can see to chill out for a bit…right?

The Boys will return with new episodes on Prime Video beginning June 13.

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