The Best Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Trailers at Summer Game Fest 2024

Slitterhead World Premiere Trailer | Summer Game Fest 2024

Bokeh Game Studio is made up of developers who worked on the Silent Hill games, and they’ve brought that experience to their debut project Slitterhead. It’s not a horror game so much as it is an action-horror one, where players take on the role of an apparent entity that can hop from body to body whenever it wants, and the victim doesn’t even need to be human for them to take over. They’ll then use that body to create weapons from their own…well, body, and fight monsters eager to rip them apart. Claws, spears, miniguns—if it can be made from blood or bone, it can take down some gnarly beasts hanging around town.

Expect Slitterhead to take you over on November 8 for PlayStation (4 and 5), Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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