The Acolyte’s New Trailer Casts a Dark, Vengeful Shadow Over the Jedi

The Acolyte’s New Trailer Casts a Dark, Vengeful Shadow Over the Jedi

Image: Disney/Lucasfilm

It’s May 4th, which doesn’t just make it Star Wars Day. We’re also one month out from The Acolyte, our first-ever show set in the High Republic era, and which also had a special preview playing with Phantom Menace screenings this weekend. Along with that clip, the show’s got a brand new trailer that teases the hierachy of power is about to change.

Like the previous trailer, our newest look at this show teases its Jedi as woefully underprepared for Amandla Stenberg’s Mae, an ex-Padawan making her way through the galaxy as an assassin. Her actions eventually draw the attention of her former master Sol (Lee Jung-jae), who’s already investigating a number of crimes teasing the incoming return of the Sith, who they defeated long ago. The Jedi may be at the height of their power, and they’ve put away a number of enemies who’d be more than happy to see someone knock them down a peg.

The Acolyte | Official Trailer | Disney+

“No one is safe from the truth,” teases the trailer, which gives a glimpse at some of the forces working against the Jedi. Between the Sith and a coven of Force witches that look to be draining the life out of a poor Padawan, things are going to break bad for the galactic peacekeepers—or at least bad enough to put them in a position where Palpatine can deliver the final blow in a century or two.

Also starring Carrie-Anne Moss, Dafne Keen, and Charlie Bartlett, The Acolyte will premiere June 4 on Disney+.

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