Star Wars Just Introduced a Fun New Droid in Galaxy’s Edge

Star Wars Just Introduced a Fun New Droid in Galaxy’s Edge

Image: Disney Experiences

Speculation about new character arrivals in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge has circled for weeks as a mysterious tarp appeared stationed on Batuu at Disneyland. Today Disney Experiences confirmed two new Star Wars character arrivals, who speak through one: a modified R1 series astromech droid named Bard, owned by Tohan Lege, the storyteller known as the Lore-weaver.

Bard will be seen starting tonight at the Black Spire Spaceport in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge during the Fire of the Rising Moons fireworks celebration
at Disneyland. Disney Experiences describes the characters as follows: “Introducing the celebration is Tohan Lege, the storyteller known as the Lore-weaver. Pursued by those in power who would silence his voice, Tohan adopted Black Spire as his home and wrote of its colorful history and the fiery spirit at its heart. His droid, who he fondly called Bard, allows us to hear the Lore-weaver in his own words, each night as Black Spire celebrates the Fire of the Rising Moons.”

Through Bard, Tohan Ledge will speak in recordings that will envelop park guests in more Star Wars lore for the themed land, the release continues. “He met and spoke to anyone he could, and began to record its history. To ensure that the stories would endure, Tohan found an old astromech droid left behind at the Depot. The mechanics helped him get it working with scrap parts and luck. Tohan called the droid Bard, and together they recorded the Lore-weaver’s stories, until there were no more to tell.”

It’s exciting to get more official in-universe history through new forms of entertainment at Galaxy’s Edge, with a unique way to experience a new view of Disneyland’s fireworks spectacular through Fire of the Rising Moons. Accompanying Bard and Tohan’s stories will be selections from John Williams’ Star Wars film scores during the 13-minute show. Park guests can experience it from various areas throughout Batuu, including the Black Spire Spaceport (near Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run), the TIE Echelon docking platform (near First Order Cargo), and the speeder garage (near Droid Depot).

Watch Fire of the Rising Moons at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge on select nights as part of Season of the Force; it will continue performances past the Star Wars season’s end on June 2.

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