Sony is working on a PC adapter for the PlayStation VR2

Sony is working on a PC adapter for the PlayStation VR2

promised earlier this year that it would free the from the shackles of the PS5 by . We’re starting to get a fuller picture of what that might look like, as the company appears to be working on a PC adapter for the headset.

A recently by VR and mixed-reality enthusiast Brad Lynch (as noted by ) indicates that the company has created such a peripheral. There are no details on how the adapter works, what it looks like or how much it will cost, but it lends credence to previous evidence that the headset would have a wired PC connection.

It’s unclear what kind of connectivity Sony is looking at here. Unlike its , PS VR2 hooks up to the PS5 with a single USB-C cable. Meta Quest headsets, meanwhile, use a USB 3 connection for . Perhaps Sony is looking at tapping into DisplayPort or HDMI ports to improve image fidelity.

The company will be hoping that PC support will help drive sales of its headset, which . The PS VR2 hardware is , but it’s been held back by several factors, including a limited library of games via PS5. Users will have a far larger selection of VR games to dive into on PC.

As it happens, the PS VR2 is currently $100 off as part of Sony’s Days of Play sale. The discount applies to both the standalone headset (down from $550 to $450) and the Horizon: Call of the Mountain bundle, which has dropped to $500.

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