Silent Hill 2 remake hits PS5 and PC on October 8

Silent Hill 2 remake hits PS5 and PC on October 8

Bloober Team’s remake of Silent Hill 2 is due to hit PlayStation 5 and PC on October 8, and it’s looking nice and spooky. It’s available to pre-order on the PlayStation Store and Steam.

It’s been less than two years since Konami and Bloober Team announced the Silent Hill 2 remake, though news of its existence leaked a few months beforehand, giving fans plenty of time to catastrophize the situation. Today we got the first gameplay trailer for the remake, showcasing familiar hallways lined with bloody nurses, low-light environments crawling with bugs, and other nasty surprises that have always been lurking in the sleepy town of Silent Hill. With modern visuals, lighting and sensibilities, it all looks eerily beautiful.

The release date trailer dropped during today’s PlayStation State of Play showcase. Right after that, Konami held a separate event just for its numerous Silent Hill projects, including an extended look at the Silent Hill 2 remake.

Bloober Team is the studio behind the Layers of Fear franchise, Observer, Blair Witch and The Medium — all perfectly serviceable psychological horror experiences. Still, there’s a lot to live up to here: Silent Hill 2 is a beloved, classic horror game. It hit the PlayStation 2 in 2001 and, more than 20 years on, plenty of fans are anxious to see how the remake will hold up. Bloober Team has completely rebuilt the game, including full performance capture and swapping a semi-fixed camera for a modern third-person perspective.

Bloober Team co-founder Piotr Babieno told Engadget in June 2023 that the studio shifted its entire game-making ethos for the Silent Hill 2 remake. Instead of leading with mood and set dressing, they made mechanics the foundation of the on-screen terror, using player input to generate disquiet. The Layers of Fear collection that came out last summer marked the end of Bloober Team’s psychological-horror era. As Babieno said last June:

“This year is like closing the era of making psychological horror games. Right now we are going into Bloober Team 3.0, making mass-market horror…. We decided that our next titles should be much more mass-market oriented. We’d like to talk with more people. We’d like to deliver our ideas, with our DNA, not by environment or storytelling, but by action. So all of our future titles will have a lot of gameplay mechanics. They will be much bigger.”

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