Robin Hood is Returning to Movies, and He’s Bringing Hugh Jackman With Him

Robin Hood is Returning to Movies, and He’s Bringing Hugh Jackman With Him

Image: Marvel Studios

The age of IP means no property is off limits for a revival, and that includes Robin Hood.

Per Deadline, the iconic archer is set to return in a new movie ironically titled The Death of Robin Hood. Described as a “darker reimagining” of the character, Hugh Jackman has the lead role opposite The Bikeriders’ Jodie Comer. In the directing chair is A Quiet Place: Day One’s Michael Sarnoski, who’ll also write the picture. Our pitch? Jackman’s Robin will reckon with his past life of pulling off crimes with his Merry Men. Now gravely injured and a “battle worn” loner, the sudden appearance of a “mysterious young woman” may serve as a means of redemption. Or, if you want to be reductive, it appears to be Logan, but with a Robin Hood coat of paint on it.

Production is expected to kick off in February 2025; in the press release, Sarnoski expressed excitement at getting to “reinvent and freshly innovate the story we all know of Robin Hood. I could not be more thrilled and trusting in Hugh and Jodie to bring this story to life in a powerful and meaningful way.”

Since Disney’s 1973 film, Robin Hood’s starred in movies on a consistent basis, and except for that movie, they’ve all been in live-action. Many a man’s played the character, from Kevin Costner and Mel Brooks to Russell Crowe. The last big-budget Robin Hood movie we got was the 2018 movie directed by Otto Bathurst starring Taron Egerton which underperformed so badly it basically killed the character’s movie prospects. Enough time’s passed to give it another go, it seems, and it helps that Robin’s got a kindred spirit in Tarzan, who’s set to headline a new movie courtesy of Sony in the next few years.

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