Reviewing the iPad Pro M4 and iPad Air

Reviewing the iPad Pro M4 and iPad Air

We’ve spent some time with the iPad Pro M4 and new iPad Air… and the iPad Pro is still a bit too pricey for us. This week, Cherlynn and Devindra chat with Engadget Deputy Editor Nathan Ingraham about his reviews and why he still prefers the iPad Air. Also, we wrap up Google I/O 2024 with a Project Astra hands on, and we chat about Apple bringing eye tracking to iPhones and iPads as an accessibility feature.

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  • Nate Ingraham reviews the iPad Pro M4 and iPad Air: Powerful, but pricy – 1:11

  • Google I/O news wrap up – 20:11

  • OpenAI’s new GPT-4o can talk, sing, and sounds a little flirty – 28:36

  • Intel brings back the days of FireWire data transfer with Thunderbolt Share – 31:43

  • New accessibility features from Apple: eye tracking and expanded wake word options – 35:48

  • Biden administration quadruples tariffs on Chinese EVs (along with solar and other hardware) – 43:20

  • Listener Mailbag: The age old question of what to do with your old tech – 55:48

  • Working on – 1:01:32

  • Pop culture picks – 1:05:45

Hosts: Cherlynn Low and Devindra Hardawar
Guest: Nathan Ingraham
Producer: Ben Ellman
Music: Dale North and Terrence O’Brien

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