Redfall’s two DLC heroes are still MIA a year later

Redfall’s two DLC heroes are still MIA a year later

As Microsoft tries to beef up its in-house Xbox studios, it may want to be more careful about leaving a trail of broken promises when things don’t go as planned. A year after the hyped vampire shooter Redfall landed with a thud, a Kotaku report highlights how players are still waiting for the advertised post-launch DLC they already paid for.

Redfall’s Bite Back Edition is a $100 collector’s variant (or $30 add-on) that includes, among other content, a pass for “two future heroes” to complement the game’s original four. As you may have guessed, the new playable characters still haven’t materialized.

In addition, Microsoft-owned Bethesda has gone silent on the new protagonists’ absence since November. “We’re continuing development of The Hero Pass and we’re excited to share more about Redfall’s new heroes and other updates later next year,” developer Arkane Austin wrote late last year.

At the very least, it seems customers are owed clear communication — or refunds if Bethesda has noped out of further development. Engadget has reached out for comment, and we’ll update this story if we hear back. In the meantime, Kotaku’s reporting on the maddening saga is worth a read.

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