Preparing for Summer Games Fest 2024

Preparing for Summer Games Fest 2024

I hope you had a quiet Memorial Day. It was a quiet one tech-wise, and I briefly fought the urge to copy and paste yesterday’s TMA into today’s newsletter hopper.

There were a few teases and glimpses of gaming news, with E3 successor Summer Games Fest kicking off in just over a week. SGF’s is set for June 7. Leaks suggest we may see a new soccer game to rival EA’s non-FIFA franchise at some point, while there will also be more of classic RPGs and hopefully big reveals at the Xbox Games Showcase on June 9. Expect to hear about the next Call of Duty title. And what is PlayStation up to? It’ll have a presence, but will it have any new games?

While SGF is a young show, it’s done a good job at platforming indie games, something Devolver Digital may capitalize on, while . In summary, there should be lots of games to play. And if you’re not a gamer? Don’t worry: Apple’s WWDC kicks off just as SGF ends.

The biggest question though: Where are the best tacos in DTLA and can you tell me? I’ll be in Los Angeles to report on the games show in a few weeks.

— Mat Smith

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