Paper Clip-Inspired Habit Tracker Aims To Redefine Activity Monitoring

Paper Clip-Inspired Habit Tracker Aims To Redefine Activity Monitoring

The DAY ONE tracker concept addresses the limitations of current health and activity trackers by monitoring a broader range of habits beyond physical activities. Inspired by the common paper clip, this innovative device aims to remind users of their tasks and track their completion automatically.

Unlike traditional trackers that focus solely on physical health metrics, the DAY ONE tracker is designed to monitor habits that can’t typically be tracked by a smartwatch, such as reading, hydrating, or using specific objects.

The device operates by clipping onto objects associated with the habit a user wishes to cultivate. For instance, attaching the tracker to a book, water bottle, or running shoes allows the device to detect and log the usage of these items through a connected app, similar to checking off a task on a list.

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The tracker functions through a base accessory linked to a smartphone, where users can assign the tracker to specific habits. When the attached object is used, the tracker logs the activity, providing a visible and tangible reminder of the habit.

Its paper clip design allows it to be affixed to various objects, whether they are thin like paper or thicker items like tablets or yoga mats. This versatility ensures the tracker can be used in diverse contexts, although its bulkiness might pose challenges in tight spaces or risk being dislodged.


DAY ONE stands out by integrating physical activity tracking with habit formation features in a simple and aesthetically pleasing design. While it requires user commitment to attach and use the trackers appropriately, the visible reminder aspect enhances its potential to encourage consistent habit development.


Despite potential design limitations, the concept offers a meaningful extension to the capabilities of current activity trackers, making them more relevant to everyday behaviors beyond exercise.

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