Our First Taste of Star Wars’ Post-Rise of Skywalker Vision Comes From Disneyland

Our First Taste of Star Wars’ Post-Rise of Skywalker Vision Comes From Disneyland

When audiences last saw Rey Skywalker, she announced her new name and the credits rolled. What specifically she’d do next, how she was feeling, and all that kind of stuff was left for the future. Now we know that future includes a new movie—but well before that, an official Star Wars item is shining a light on those post-Rise of Skywalker thoughts right now.

The thoughts come from the latest wave of kyber crystals released in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Disney World and Disneyland. Various colored crystals, when combined with new Holocrons, offer a ton of new dialogue from all manner of Jedi and Sith. But YouTuber Nick Tierce got the Rey Skywalker one, which features quotes all that canonically take place after The Rise of Skywalker. Meaning, this is now the most future-facing Star Wars thing in existence.

Here are the quotes:

  • “When I met Luke Skywalker, I offered him his lightsaber and he tossed it away. But the Force doesn’t always make things easy. So you keep trying, that’s all you can do.”
  • “I came from something evil. Sometimes I still want to run from that. But I have learned there are things stronger than blood and that the smallest light can push back the deepest darkness.”
  • “I’m Rey, Rey Skywalker.”
  • “Maybe you’ve heard. I’m all the Jedi. So I’ve got that going for me.”
  • “Luke Skywalker was my master. So was his sister Leia. And her son, Ben, gave his life for me. I took the Skywalker name to honor them and their legacy.”
  • “The Force is so much bigger than any creed, any philosophy, anything that can fit in a bunch of books. Master Skywalker taught me that in his first lesson on Ahch-To. I knew right away I’d never forget it. That I’d never be the same.”
  • “I grew up in the desert and yet every night I dreamt of an island. A tiny dot in an endless sea. I saw it so clearly. But I never imagined it might be real. Real. And waiting for me.”
  • “Ben was right about letting go of the past. But not about killing it. My task is to make something new. Not by killing the past but by building on all that’s good in it.”
  • “The early Jedi sought to bind the galaxy’s wounds. They looked at what was broken and saw how to fix it. When I read that I thought, ‘Well, I’m good at that already.’”
  • “I’ve studied the sacred texts of the Jedi. Do you know what the most important pages are? It’s the blank ones left at the end because those ancient teachers knew the lessons weren’t finished and never could be.”

Okay. So many thoughts here. First and foremost is Rey’s interpretation of Ben Solo/Kylo Ren’s philosophy. That Rey has considered those thoughts and come up with her own spin on them shows some real growth. She also talks about her “task” which is to “make something new.” That is a very pointed hint at this New Jedi Order coming in the next few years.

Beyond that, we can discern that she’s read the sacred Jedi texts cover to cover, and really dove into what they teach about the past, present, and future. That she’s ready to fix things that are broken in the galaxy. Why specifically she took the “Skywalker” name. And that she’s seen the movie Caddyshack. Because “So I’ve got that going for me” is 100% a reference to that.

It’s really exciting, super nerdy stuff for Star Wars fans, which is exactly when Galaxy’s Edge is at its best. Apparently, there’s a Ben Solo crystal out there too. We wonder what secrets that holds.

io9 has reached out to Lucasfilm for any possible clarity on the origins of these statements and will update this post if or when we hear. But, it’s worth noting that this video’s creator said “I was able to confirm that this second wave of Kybers was written and approved over two years ago.” Assuming that’s true, and there’s no reason to think it’s not, that would be before news of the Rey movie broke. So these sentiments probably don’t have a direct correlation–but  just by their nature, they’re in the same ballpark.

You can listen to the quotes, voiced by a very convincing Daisy Ridley impersonator, here.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Kyber Crystals – Series 2 – Rey Skywalker – Holocron & Wayfinder

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