One of the Most Important Sci-Fi Shows of the 21st Century Is Finally Easy to Stream Again

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Just like having to jump away every time the Cylons show up, Battlestar Galactica has long had a bit of a rough time having a stable home on streaming—perhaps all too thematically potent a reminder of the pitfalls of streaming’s dominance over physical media in the last few years. But if you haven’t snagged a good Blu-ray copy yet, then good news: Battlestar Galactica is taking a little time between jumps on Amazon Prime.

The streamer announced that it had acquired the rights to the 2004 Battlestar reboot this week, after BSG had vanished from Peacock just under a year ago, bringing all four seasons of the hit show, the essential 2003 miniseries prequel, as well as the 2009 TV movie The Plan—which used material from the show alongside new scenes to retell the events of the early stages of the series from the point of view of the Cylons—to Prime Video.

The Ronald D. Moore-led reboot took all the hallmarks of the classic 1978 series to the modern age, with a tense, thriller vibe as it transformed humanity’s war with the Cylons from an all-out scrap into a game of cat-and-mouse, as almost-human Cylon infiltration agents hidden among the last remnants of human civilization as it had been known prepare to wipe out their biological foes. From its remarkable, damn-near-impeccable beginning in the 2003 miniseries, all the way to season four’s controversial ending, Battlestar Galactica had such a huge impact on early-aughts sci-fi in the age of peak TV’s ascension, a dark, cerebral series that married incredible sci-fi action (and some of the best-shot space battles in TV history) with a heady, occasionally bonkers, but always compelling heart about the nature of existence and survival.

There’s never been a better time to rewatch, especially as we wait for news from whatever the next reboot of Battlestar looks like, as plans continue to be underway on Peacock. Or, you know, maybe use the opportunity to pick up a physical copy before BSG has to jump away again, right? After all, all this has happened before—and it will all happen again.

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