One of Star Wars’ Weirdest Edits Is Now a Very Fun Game Card

Over the years, the Star Wars saga has been taken under the knife and chopped and edited—for better or worse—many times, even beyond the Special Editions of the ‘90s. And yet one of the weirdest tweaks is still one of the most recent: the bizarre rally cry of “maclunkey!” when Greedo goes to shoot Han Solo in A New Hope.

Sorry, actually that’s “Ma Klounkee,” officially speaking—a romanization of Greedo’s Rodese that has popped up a few times since the infamous 2019 addition, most notably in the 2022 Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, where it was used as part of the incredibly titled side mission “Ma Klounkee Most Foul.” But somehow, Ma Klounkee has returned. Well, not really somehow: it’s back thanks to the next set for the recently-launched Star Wars collectible card game, Unlimited.

Shadows of the Galaxy is set to release this July, pulling Unlimited away from the Rebels and Galactic Empire to focus on the world of bounty hunters, smugglers, and more seedy criminals out on the galaxy’s edge. Regardless of the setting, however, poor Greedo just can’t catch a break: he appeared in Unlimited’s base set, Spark of Rebellion, as a unit card almost cruelly titled “Greedo, Slow on the Draw” in reference to his ill-fated attempt to bring in Han. But now, as revealed this week, he’ll appear in Shadows of the Galaxy on a card simply titled “Ma Klounkee.”

Image: Milos Slavkovic/Fantasy Flight Games

It’s a fun card, thematically, asking you to trade one of your active Underworld units in play, sending it back to your hand, in exchange for dealing damage to an enemy one. It’s also just hilarious. Actually naming it Ma Klounkee is absurd enough, but just look at that card art! Greedo doesn’t even get to look cool, he’s literally milliseconds from catching Han’s blaster bolt right in his chest. Even in celebrating his infamy, Unlimited, like most Star Wars fans, can’t help but dunk on the poor guy.

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