NTT Sonority’s Nwm MBH001 Open-ear Headphones With Personalized Sound Zone Technology, Coming Later This Year

At Upgrade 2024, NTT Research demonstrated a wide range of its R&D projects and upcoming products. The Personalized Sound Zone technology caught my eye, as it aligns with the new trend in automotive innovation to deliver personalized audio entertainment for each car passenger.

NTT Sonority, a subsidiary of NTT Corporation, presented its audio brand, New Wave Maker (nwm, pronounced “noom”), leveraging over 70 years of NTT’s Research and Development. The nwm series is a lineup of over-the-ear speakers incorporating NTT Sonority’s proprietary PSZ (Personalized Sound Zone) technology. These speakers are designed to confine sound within centimeters of the user’s ear, enabling enhanced audio privacy while maintaining situational awareness.

During Upgrade 2024, NTT Sonority showcased two new audio innovations: a chair equipped with built-in speakers and the nwm MBH001 open-ear headphones. The armchair features speakers mounted around the headrest, delivering clear sound when reclining and minimal sound when positioned a few inches away. This technology holds potential applications in future automotive interior designs or for next-gen gaming chairs.

NTT Sonority showed its nwm MBH001 open-ear headphones at CES 2024, and I could try them on at Upgrade 2024. Using a technique similar to noise cancellation,  the sound is contained within the headphones while allowing ambient noises to reach the wearer’s ears. I was impressed by the main feature that allows uninterrupted music listening while remaining aware of external sounds, eliminating the need to remove the headphones to engage in conversation. Additionally, the headphones ensure users’ privacy as the sound emitted by the nwm MBH001 cannot be heard by people nearby.

The NTT Sonority representative could not share any exact release date for the nwm MBH001 open-ear headphones, besides confirming they will launch later this year.

At the NTT Sonority booth, a couple of earphones featuring PSZ technology were on display.

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