New Bluey Minisodes Reveal a Delightful First Peek

Image: Disney+

Disney Jr, Disney Channel, and Disney+ will roll out the first two Bluey minisodes over the Fourth of July weekend with a “Red, White and Bluey” marathon.

Dropping at 12:00 a.m. PT Wednesday, July 3, and airing the same day on Disney Jr. and Disney Channel, Bluey and the Heeler family mark their return for the summer holidays. The additional five Bluey mini-episodes will be released thereafter through all of Disney’s family networks and its streaming platform. The Bluey minisodes collection—consisting of one- to three-minute shorts—are written by creator Joe Brumm and produced by Ludo Studio. Here’s a peek at “Burger Dog,” the first release, which features Bluey and Bingo dancing to a viral song that Bandit decides gets on his nerves.

Burger Dog | Clip | Bluey Minisodes | @disneyjunior X @BlueyOfficialChannel | PR

While they’re not full episodes—and we’re still waiting on a new season to be announced—these shorts will hopefully hold us over. They’ll center Bluey and Bingo’s play adventures that we love about the world of Bluey. The titles for the additional minisodes premiering in the first batch have been released, including “Bingo 3000,” “Muffin Unboxing,” “Letter,” “Hungry,” “Three Pigs,” and “Animals.” The second batch will premiere on platforms at the end of the year, and the final batch will drop in 2025.

Watch Bluey on Disney+, Disney Jr., and the Disney Channel.

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