New Battery From China Promises Charge For 50 Years On Your Phone

New Battery From China Promises Charge For 50 Years On Your Phone

Chinese startup Betavolt claims to have developed an innovative nuclear battery that could potentially power smartphones for 50 years without requiring recharging; The Beijing-based company asserts that their atomic energy battery is the first to achieve the miniaturization of atomic energy, fitting 63 nuclear isotopes into a module smaller than a coin. The technology converts the energy released by decaying isotopes into electricity, marking a significant advancement in energy innovation.

Betavolt’s nuclear battery is undergoing pilot testing, with plans for mass production for various commercial applications such as phones and drones. The company envisions its atomic energy batteries being utilized in aerospace, AI equipment, medical devices, microprocessors, advanced sensors, small drones, and micro-robots, positioning China at the forefront of the AI technological revolution.

The nuclear battery’s design brings advantages such as lightweight construction, a long service life, high energy density, and the ability to function under extreme temperatures from -76 to 248 Fº (-60 to 120 degrees Celsius ). The modular design allows for multiple atomic batteries to be connected, providing higher energy output for applications like automotive technology and AI systems.

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Betavolt’s Battery has a modular design that allows multiple atomic batteries to be connected.

Addressing concerns about radiation, Betavolt asserts that its battery is safe, with no external radiation, making it suitable for use in medical devices inside the human body, such as pacemakers and cochlear implants. After the decay period, the radioactive isotopes transform into a stable, non-radioactive isotope of copper, posing no environmental threat.

Goodbye, chargers?!

This innovation could revolutionize electronics by eliminating the need for chargers and portable power banks, potentially leading to devices that run continuously without the degradation of battery capacity and lifespan over charging cycles, as seen in conventional Li-ion batteries.

If successful, the nuclear battery could enable continuous operation for devices such as drones, phones, and electric cars, marking a transformative development in power supply technology.

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