Netflix’s 3 Body Problem Will Be a 3-Season Series

Image: Netflix

Before the month of May ended, Netflix revealed it’d renewed 3 Body Problem for more seasons. At the time, it wasn’t entirely clear just how long the show would go on, but the streamer has now officially revealed that fittingly enough, it’ll cap things off after two more seasons.

Executive producers/showrunners David Benioff, DB Weiss, and Alexander Woo confirmed it in Los Angeles, with the streamer promising the trio will “finish telling the story that they intended.” And if that doesn’t excite you, this might: Weiss added the sophomore season will contain the “vast majority” of why they wanted to adapt Cixin Liu’s sci-fi novels to begin with. “We always wanted to get to the final page of the third book,” he added, “and it’s really, really thrilling to us that we will get to do just that.”

Woo, Weiss, and Benioff already said in mid-May they were writing for season two, and it sounded like it’d be a bit of a wait. Even so, at that time, Benioff assured they would have “enough time” to tell the story as they wish. During this new panel, Netflix’s scripted VP Peter Friedlander teased the three will “tackle the rest of the mind-blowing journey through Death’s End. Their brilliant vision as storytellers is matched by their amazing partnership — and, just like the fans, we can’t wait to see what they have in store.”

At the time of the first season’s release, we and other outlets were mostly in favor of the show and how it adapted the science-heavy concepts found within the books. We can never get enough sci-fi shows, so knowing that it’s returning eventually makes the wait a little more bearable.

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