Jurassic World 4 Adds Manuel Garcia-Rulfo to Its Enigamtic Cast

Jurassic World 4 Adds Manuel Garcia-Rulfo to Its Enigamtic Cast

Image: David Livingston/WireImage

There’s a new human entering the Jurassic World franchise, and he’s gonna be fighting for his life in this new film.

Per Deadline, actor Manuel Garcia-Rulfo—best known for The Magnificent Seven’s 2016 reboot and Netflix’s The Lincoln Lawyer—has signed on for a starring role. (Sadly, he probably won’t be a public defender for dinosaurs or a dinosaur cowboy, two things this franchise could use.) Details on his character are currently under wraps, but he joins Scarlett Johansson and Jonathan Bailey in the Gareth Edwards-directed film. For Garcia-Rulfo, who’s also headlining Netflix’s Pedro Páramo, this marks his biggest film role to date.

Unlike the last Jurassic trilogy, this new flick doesn’t plan to bring back any returning actors from the previous runs like Chris Pratt or Laura Dern. At the moment, it’s not even fully clear what this’ll be about beyond the general premise of humans running away from dinosaurs that want to eat them. Written by Jurassic alum David Koepp, the movie’s been previously described as a “fresh take” on the material, whose last installment was Jurassic World: Dominion back in 2022. It’s expected to start filming in the UK in June, then in Malta from July all the way to September.

Jurassic World 4 is currently dated to come out on July 2, 2025. (A busy month that’ll be, between that, Superman, and The Fantastic Four.) We’ll have more news on the film as things develops.

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