June’s Lego Releases See You

Image: Lego

After a big month for spacey goodness in May, Lego is bringing things back down to earth for its June releases—or back down to Middle-earth in particular, with the standout release of its next Lord of the Rings set, Barad-Dûr. But what lies beyond the dark plains of Mordor, where shadows lie? A little Star Wars, some pretty kitties, and Notre-Dame, apparently.

Beyond Barad-Dûr, we’ve got a few sets from Minecraft, a few Disney releases anchored by a very cute buildable Simba—and if you prefer your cats a little more domesticated, there’s also the adorable new set from Lego Ideas, the Tuxedo Cat. And of course, it wouldn’t be a month of Lego without at least some sets from Star Wars, with The Mandalorian season three inspiring a couple of new battle packs.

Click through to see everything that Lego has on offer this month!

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