Jessica Rothe Still Hopes Happy Death Day 3 Sees the Light of Day

The original Happy Death Day in 2017 was one of those “why hasn’t this done before?” horror movies, wherein college girl Tree (played by Jessica Rothe) got stuck in a time loop that always ended with her getting murdered. That first movie did really well, and its sequel Happy Death Day 2U also did pretty good! Over the past few years, it hasn’t been clear if a sequel would ever happen, but good news: it’s apparently still in the cards.

While doing promo for her newest film Boy Kills World, Rothe revealed to ScreenGeek that director Christopher Landon “has the whole thing figured out. We just need to wait for Blumhouse and Universal to get their ducks in a row.” As far as she’s concerned, Tree “deserves her third and final chapter to bring that incredible character and franchise to a close or a new beginning. But my fingers are so crossed.”

Presumably, she’s referring to how busy the two studios have been and where it can fit on their schedules. Setting aside COVID and last year’s strikes, they’ve partnered on a lot of horror flicks in the last five years: some have been reimaginings of the Universal Monsters, others have been original movies or reboots of Universal’s horror stable. Most of them have done pretty well at the box office, and in some cases, have (or will lead) to franchises all their own. Separately, Blumhouse merged with James Wan’s Atomic Monster earlier this year, and now has its sights set on video games, while Universal’s focused on big flicks like Fall Guy, the How to Train Your Dragon remake, and now the Mario movies.

Back in 2020, Landon revealed his planned title for the threequel was Happy Death Day to Us, though by that point, it was shelved. At that time, he teased the flm would be set on an entirely different day, which would help keep the presssure off doing the same exact thing a third time. With luck, it’ll get made and released fairly soon—if Now You See Me can come back with a third movie nearly a decade later, then so can this.

[via Deadline]

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