iOS 17.5 is here with support for web-based app downloads in the EU

iOS 17.5 is here with support for web-based app downloads in the EU

has rolled out 17.5, which includes a bunch of updates, including support for a for unwanted Bluetooth trackers that the company worked on with Google. The other headline feature is the introduction of

This is a function that Apple is in the wake of the bloc’s Digital Markets Act coming into force. It won’t be a free-for-all, however. Developers who want to let users download iOS apps from their websites will need to opt into new App Store rules that will mean they have to pay a fee for each user after hitting a certain threshold. They’ll also need to have a developer account that’s in good standing and to have an app that had more than a million iOS installs in the EU in the previous year.

There’s another notable update in iOS 17.5 in the form of a new feature called Repair State. In a nutshell, this will mean that iPhone users no longer need to turn off Find My when they send in their iPhone for repair.

Elsewhere, there are some changes on the Apple News+ front. The app now at long last has an offline mode, so you can use it to catch up on some reading while you’re on a flight and don’t feel like paying for Wi-Fi. The Today feed and News+ tab will work without an internet connection.

Apple is also moving beyond crosswords and deeper into the popularized by the likes of . is a Boggle-style original game for Apple News+ subscribers. You’ll connect tiles of various word combinations to create words and score points. You’ll be able to share your scores with other players.


Last but not least, Apple has the latest incarnation of its annual Pride collection in honor of the LGBTQ+ community, including a Pride Radiance watch face and iOS and iPadOS wallpapers. You’ll be able to customize these with a range of colors.

You’ll see the colors trace numerals of the watch face and react as you move your Apple Watch. A matching Apple Watch Pride Edition Braided Solo Loop will be available to order on May 22 for $99. The iPhone and iPad backgrounds spell out “Pride” in bold beams of color and move when you unlock the device.

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