Infineon And Framework Launch Sustainable Laptop With USB-C And More

Infineon And Framework Launch Sustainable Laptop With USB-C And More

Infineon Technologies AG, in collaboration with Framework Computer Inc., is aiming to address the growing concern of e-waste and disposable laptops by launching the Framework Laptop 16, a customizable, repairable, and upgradeable laptop with advanced USB-C connectivity, providing consumers with a sustainable alternative in the tech industry.

The Framework Laptop 16 is the first consumer product to support 180 W and 240 W USB-C, something only made possible by Infineon’s highly integrated dual/single port USB-C PD controller, EZ-PD CCG8; This controller supports the latest USB-PD 3.1 standard and enables Framework’s unique Expansion Card system, allowing end-users to customize ports according to their preferences.

Infineon’s EZ-PD CCG8.

Nirav Patel, Founder and CEO of Framework, emphasized the flexibility provided by the EZ-PD CCG8, stating: “The EZ-PD CCG8 has enabled immense flexibility, not only supporting the latest USB-PD 3.1 standard but also making our unique Expansion Card system possible, allowing end-user customization of ports.”

Ganesh Subramaniam, Senior Vice President of Wired Connectivity Solutions at Infineon, expressed satisfaction with the collaboration, noting: “I am very delighted that thanks to our solution, Framework offers a product to its customers which is not only high-performing but also supports a greener tomorrow.”

The EZ-PD CCG8 is currently available, and more information can be found on the Infineon website.

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