How to Get Free Money (Sort of) on an Android Phone

How to Get Free Money (Sort of) on an Android Phone

In this economy, we could all use extra help. I am a coupon queen, saving money wherever I can and recuperating dollars and cents/sense as I make purchases. I’m already initiated into Google Play Points and redeeming them for cash and credit. This week, Google announced more ways to get free money. You will have to spend your time, however.

Google Play Points has been a cashback perk for Android users since its debut in 2019. Play Points can be earned by purchasing in-app items, movies, books, and subscriptions. There are four spending tiers, and the higher your tier—the more you consecutively spend on the platform—the better the weekly rewards.

You can redeem your Play Points for various things. I’ve traded them up for movie rentals in the Play Store and in-game currency for games like Pokémon Go and Hello Kitty Friends. I’m currently sitting on 1,830 points, roughly $15 in Play Store credit.

How to Sign Up for Google Play Points

If you’re on Android, using Android apps, and subscribing to services through the Google Play module, you should be signed up for Google Play Points. All you have to do is open the Google Play Store app, tap your profile icon, and then tap Play Points. Once you join, you’ll enroll in the program in perpetuity. From there, it’s up to you to spend, spend, spend.

Racking up Play Points

As you spend more on your device, your Play Points level will rise depending on how often you throw out a dollar. Your perks increase, too. For instance, folks in the Gold level, where I’m ranked, get 1.2 points per dollar and access to Gold weekly prizes.

There is a Platinum and Diamond tier to aspire to, where the points per dollar increase ever-so-slightly. Plus, you get premium access to Google Play Store customer support. You can chat with a helper before anyone else does!

What’s next?

Beginning June 17, Play Store Points earners in the U.S. can earn extra points by playing games. The first game is Diamond Valley, a mini-game featuring treasure hunting. You’ll be able to win prizes like Pixel devices and acquire extra points with each play session.

Earners in the Gold, Platinum, and Diamond tiers will also have access to new mobile games before their release. It’s all part of an incentive to get you to spend more inside Google’s Android ecosystem.

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