Hey, Vin Diesel’s New Riddick Movie Is Really Happening

Hey, Vin Diesel’s New Riddick Movie Is Really Happening

Riddick (2013)
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It’s been over a decade since we last caught up with Vin Diesel’s sci-fi antihero Richard B. Riddick—Diesel’s been spending most of his time voicing Marvel’s Groot and doing Fast & Furious movies—but it’s time to dig those goggles out of storage. The fourth film in the series, titled Riddick: Furya, is officially on the way.

This isn’t the first time we’re hearing about Furya; over a year ago, it was reported that Diesel was planning to re-team with writer-director David Twohy, who co-wrote and directed 2000’s Pitch Black, and wrote and directed 2004’s The Chronicles of Riddick and 2013’s Riddick. At the time, a press release described the film as “a return to Riddick’s homeworld, where we finally get to explore Riddick’s genesis.”

Today’s update, reported in Deadline, affirms it’s full speed ahead for the sci-fi sequel, which begins production in late August. The description remains virtually the same as the one we already knew: “In Riddick: Furya, Riddick finally returns to his home world, a place he barely remembers and one he fears might be left in ruins. But there he finds other Furyans fighting for their existence against a new monster. And some of these Furyans are more like Riddick than he could have ever imagined.”

Are you looking forward to seeing Diesel return to the role of Riddick? Will there be anything as bonkers in Furya as Judi Dench’s cameo in The Chronicles of Riddick? Share your thoughts below.

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