Hans in Carbonite, Ranked

Germain’s main Han in Carbonite shelf.
Image: io9/Germain Lussier

Join me now for a look into my soul. Many times before on this website, I’ve written about my weird obsession with Han Solo in Carbonite from Star Wars. I love Han Solo as a character, of course, but in terms of collecting, I mainly collect Han in Carbonite, as well as Hoth Han—blue jacket, not brown.

Why? Well, again, I’ve gotten into it before but I think for Han in Carbonite it comes down to, as a fan of collectibles, Han in Carbonite is the most prominent collectible within Star Wars. Jabba the Hutt literally hangs him on the wall as art. I freaking love that so much. In our world, Star Wars and merchandise are completely intertwined. But in Star Wars, the main collectible we see is Han Solo in Carbonite. So it’s my favorite character as collectible art in a galaxy far, far away. Hence my obsession.

But how much Han Solo in Carbonite stuff could be out there, really? Well, way more than you know. I don’t own all of it and I know for a fact there are many pieces I don’t own. But I own a lot, continue to buy/preorder it, and today, for no reason other than it was fun, I’ve decided to rank every single Han Solo in Carbonite collectible I own.

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