Get Up Close and Personal With Lego Star Wars’ Amazing New TIE Interceptor

Photo: Artem Golub/Gizmodo

Twenty-four years after it, alongside the X-Wing, launched Lego Star Wars’ sublime Ultimate Collector Series line, the TIE Interceptor screamed to life this past weekend as Lego’s latest big-ticket Star Wars model to celebrate May 4. You’ve already seen our thoughts in video form about the process of bringing the Empire’s elite starfighter to life through six hours of brick building, but this kit has to be seen up close to be believed.

There’s been plenty of TIE Interceptors in Lego Star Wars’ line of kits over the last 25 years, but the new UCS update is one of the biggest improvements Lego’s done from the original to the remake—a revamp worthy of the premiere dogfighter the Imperial Navy has to offer. Check out our video review again below, but just in case you wanted to gawp at just how beautiful the new kit is, click through to see tons of shots from all around and up close with one of Lego’s best starfighter builds in years.

Lego’s New UCS TIE Interceptor Was Worth the 24 Year Wait

Lego’s New UCS TIE Interceptor Was Worth the 24 Year Wait

The UCS TIE Interceptor is available from Lego now, and will set you back $230.

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