Fortnite’s new post-apocalyptic season taps into Fallout, Mad Max and X-Men

Fortnite’s new post-apocalyptic season taps into Fallout, Mad Max and X-Men

Epic Games has an uncanny habit of making sure  is in tune with the cultural zeitgeist and that’s very much the case once again. After a strong season focused on Greek gods and monsters, the latest major revamp of the battle royale is taking a vehicle-heavy, post-apocalyptic turn in Chapter 5 Season 3.

The new season, which is dubbed “Wrecked,” seems very much inspired by Mad Max, given the desert vibe and modded vehicles. It includes an official too. Not only that, a wastelander take X-Men’s Magneto will be unlockable via battle pass quests at some point in July.

This is all very timely given the success of Prime Video’s adaptation of , Furiosa: A Mad Mad Saga hitting theaters and X-Men ‘97 all over again. The Wrecked season will run until August 16.

The sandstorm that had been looming in the horizon over the last couple of weeks has swept over the island, bringing destruction and a new biome in the south called the Wasteland. (I’m glad my favorite drop site last season, Mount Olympus, has survived for now.) You’ll have three new locations to explore in the Redline Rig refinery, the Nitrodrome car arena and Brutal Beachhead, where you’ll find a boss named Megalo Don.

Redline Rig churns out Nitro Splash and Nitro Barrels, which you can find all over the island and use to power up your car and yourself. When you’re Nitro-fied, you can bash through builds without needing to use your pickax. If you’re lucky enough to find Nitro Fists, you can use those as a powerful melee weapon too.

Vehicles can be modded with things like machine gun turrets and spiked bumpers. There’s the option to hijack one of two War Buses that are patrolling the island as well. These have cannons and an EMP pulse that can damage enemy shields and disable nearby vehicles.

As for the Fallout collab, that franchise’s iconic Nuka-Cola is now in Fortnite. You can slurp some to replenish health and restore shields over time. In addition, you’ll be able to unlock a T-60 Power Armor skin through the battle pass.

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