Fans Rename Drake’s Mansion ‘Kendrick’s House’ on Google Maps

Fans Rename Drake’s Mansion ‘Kendrick’s House’ on Google Maps

Kendrick Lamar fans have renamed Aubrey “Drake” Graham’s famed mansion in the Bridle Path region of Ontario to “2024 Kendrick’s House” on Google Maps, as the rappers enter their fourth consecutive week of lyrical combat. DJ Akademiks, a live streamer closely following the rap beef, first noticed the Google Maps change in a tweet on Sunday afternoon.

Kendrick and Drake’s rap beef, largely playing out through diss tracks released on social media, took a turn this weekend when Kendrick released the single “Not Like Us,” which featured a photo of Drake’s home with added symbols representing the locations of a sex offender as the cover art on YouTube. Previously, Drake’s house was listed as “Owned by Kendrick,” but now it reads “2024 Kendrick’s house.” Several joke location titles have sprouted up on and around Drake’s mansion, playing on Kendrick’s repeated allegation that Drake is a sexual predator.

The entire neighborhood of Bridle Path, a wealthy residential area outside of Toronto that Drake has written about living in for years, was defaced on Google Maps sometime this weekend. A home near Drake’s house was named “Zesty Drake” while another was titled “kendrickownsdrake.” A forest across the street was renamed “Money trees” to reference Kendrick’s 2012 viral sensation. Other nearby houses were titled “CertifiedKidLover,” “Kendrick’s Pool,” and “ChildMOE-lester.”

Home in Bridle Path, Ontario
Screenshot: Google Maps

Another home in Bridle Path, Ontario.

Another home in Bridle Path, Ontario.
Screenshot: Google Maps

Google did not immediately respond to Gizmodo’s request for comment.

While rap beefs have historically been intense, Kendrick and Drake’s beef has featured a rapid back-and-forth of diss tracks. Every week seems to bring more intense allegations. Now, the beef is exploding onto Google Maps. Last week, Kendrick released “Meet The Grahams,” which includes lines alluding to Drake being a child molester and having an unclaimed 11-year-old daughter.

On Sunday, Drake dropped “The Heart Part 6,” responding by saying his team planted the story about having an unclaimed daughter and noting that “we finessed you into telling a story that doesn’t even exist.” Drake also said, “If I was f–king young girls, I promise I’d have been arrested,” and called Kendrick out for spreading lies about him.

While Drake has rapped about living in Bridle Path for years, releasing one song called “7AM on Bridle Path” in 2021, Kendrick seems to have confirmed his exact address with his latest diss track. A Drake tweet from Sunday reads, “We know you’re dropping 6 mins after so instead of posting my address you have a lot to address.”

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