Everything Exciting Us About the Android 15 Beta So Far

Everything Exciting Us About the Android 15 Beta So Far

Image: Google

In the past, every new version of Android felt like a special occasion for the platform’s devoted users. It meant new software features, better algorithms, improved user interfaces, and maybe even something fun.

However, we’re still waiting for the release of Android 15, which is now in its second public beta. The beta does offer a glimpse into what’s next but not the whole picture. Most of the tweaks are still being made behind the scenes. And let’s not forget that a beta is never the final rendering of the software update. It often goes through a few iterations before it’s ready for public consumption.

Android 15 won’t be here for a while. At the very least, we have more time to tinker with the second developer preview. If you’re one of those devoted fans, you can download the beta now and see what’s cooking. It’s also been opened to more devices, so you’re not limited to the Pixel for a preview. Do not install a beta on your device every day. But do read about what’s coming in Android 15.

Updated 5/21/2024 to include new features from the second public Android 15 beta.

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