EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra: Meet World’s First Smart Hybrid Whole-House Battery Generator

EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra: Meet World’s First Smart Hybrid Whole-House Battery Generator

EcoFlow Technology Inc. unveiled the DELTA Pro Ultra at CES 2024, introducing the world’s first smart hybrid whole-house battery generator. Recognized as a 2024 CES Innovation Awards Honoree, the DELTA Pro Ultra is a high-capacity residential power backup system catering to extended outages and daily use, with a single-unit capacity of 6kWh, 7200W output, and 5.6kW of solar input.

The product stands out for its stackable design, enabling quick expansion of storage and output, and compatibility with multiple energy sources such as solar and gas. EcoFlow concurrently introduced the Smart Home Panel 2, facilitating seamless integration with the DELTA Pro Ultra for a swift transition from grid to backup power. The Smart Home Panel 2 optimizes energy usage, reducing costs and extending backup through intelligent analysis and solar utilization.

Ecoflow DELTA Pro Ultra offers the highest capacity whole-house battery generator available with up to one month of power backup.

The DELTA Pro Ultra caters to various consumer needs, boasting a capacity range from 6kWh to 90kWh, providing essential whole-home power for two days to a month; With a 7200W output, a single unit can power an entire home, including large appliances like HVAC systems. Paired with the Smart Home Panel 2, the system can scale up to 21.6kW output, suitable for the most demanding households.

The device can be charged through AC power, solar panels, and gas generators, offering flexibility and extended backup time. EcoFlow ensures uninterrupted power switchover, safeguarding electronic equipment, with a battery management system guaranteeing safety and longevity. The EV-grade LFP battery chemistry allows for over 10 years of daily use.

With unrivaled capacity 6kWh 7200W output 5 6kW solar input

With a capacity of 6kWh, 7200W output, and 5.6kW of solar input, DELTA Pro Ultra can run an entire home. Its stackable design allows for quick expansion of storage and output. While its compatibility with a variety of energy sources, including solar and gas, caters to a wide range of power needs.

The Smart Home Panel 2 enhances the user experience with automatic switchover, energy consumption monitoring, charging schedules, and control through the EcoFlow app. It provides circuit-level control for managing individual appliances, offering complete access to whole-house energy usage.

According to EcoFlow, the DELTA Pro Ultra was designed with simplicity and accessibility in mind, so it is ready to use out of the box, being also suitable for off-grid power solutions (including RVs and tiny homes) thanks to its modular and portable design.

Availability and Price

The DELTA Pro Ultra, priced at $4999, and the Smart Home Panel 2, priced at $1599, will be available starting January 9 on the EcoFlow website and

A bundled package is available for $6399 until February 9, with prices rising to $5799 for DELTA Pro Ultra, $1899 for Smart Home Panel 2, and $7499 for the bundle after that date.

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