Do You Love Elon Enough to Put Your Finger in the Cybertrunk?

Do You Love Elon Enough to Put Your Finger in the Cybertrunk?

There’s been a lot of talk about the Tesla Cybertruck having a deep desire to chomp people’s fingers off with its power frunk latch, but no one has been brave enough to stick their fingie in there and find out what happens… until now. So far, we’ve only seen various vegetables and dummy hands get crunched by the Cybertruck’s frunk, but one content creator, named Jeremy Judkins, decided to put Tesla’s finger pinch update to the test, and it didn’t go well.

Recently, Tesla issued a software update to all Cybertrucks, making their frunk sensors more sensitive to things getting in the way, but it apparently wasn’t enough. Judkins first puts the usual array of penis-shaped fruit in there, and credit where credit is due, the Cybertruck didn’t destroy it as it would have in the past.

Tesla Cybertruck frunk versus my finger

Then he ups the ante. First, Judkins puts his forearm in the mouth of the Cybertruck. It presses down a bit, but everything goes as planned. He then puts the palm of his hand in there. The same thing happens. It puts a little bit of pressure on Judkin’s hand, but eventually releases and leaves “a line” on his hand.

This is where shit gets real. Judkins puts his index finger on the chopping block (literally), and the look on his face says it all. The Cybertruck’s frunk clamps down fairly hard on the finger until he’s able to wiggle it enough for the trunk to realize something is wrong and pop open. Judkins is visibly shaken up by what just happened, saying he “feared for [his] finger for a second.” I don’t blame him.

The camera cuts and we see his index finger shaking with a very deep indent in it, saying the frunk “kind of locked down on it.” That’s some scary shit.

He ends the video by saying Tesla still has some work to do when it comes to detecting resistance on the Cybertruck’s front trunk. They sure do, bud. They sure do. Please do not stick anything else in there for clicks, I beg you. Also, if you are worried about a Cybertruck doing this to you, don’t worry. You and I will never get one (because we are too cool and too smart).

This story originally appeared on Jalopnik.

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