Arm Unveils AI-Optimized Compute Subsystems For Enhanced Mobile Experiences

Arm Unveils AI-Optimized Compute Subsystems For Enhanced Mobile Experiences

Arm has introduced its new Compute Subsystems (CSS) for Client, integrating Armv9 CPUs and GPUs with 3 nm process nodes to enhance innovation and speed up market entry for silicon partners.

This AI-optimized CSS features the Cortex-X925 CPU, providing a 36% performance increase and a 41% boost for AI tasks, along with the Immortalis-G925 GPU, offering a 37% improvement in graphics performance. The system aims to address the growing demands of AI models and ensure power efficiency.

The new KleidiAI software enhances developer experience by integrating with popular AI frameworks like PyTorch and TensorFlow, leveraging Arm’s acceleration technologies (NEON, SVE2, SME2). KleidiAI significantly improves the performance of computing applications and is compatible with a wide range of devices.

arm css for clients

Arm CSS for Client is designed to meet the high demands of modern mobile computing, offering a 30% increase in compute and graphics performance, and a 59% faster AI inference.

This platform supports flagship SoCs with Armv9.2 CPUs, Immortalis GPUs, Corelink System Interconnect, and System Memory Management Units (SMMUs). The Cortex-X925 CPU, built on 3 nm nodes and capable of 3.8GHz clock rates, marks the highest year-on-year performance uplift in Cortex-X history. The Cortex-A725 and Cortex-A520 CPUs contribute to power efficiency and scalability for diverse consumer devices.

The Immortalis-G925 GPU supports flagship smartphones, while the scalable Mali-G725 and Mali-G625 GPUs target a variety of consumer devices, enhancing mobile gaming and AI/ML network performance.

css for client components

Components of Arm CSS for Client

Arm’s commitment to developers is evident with the introduction of the Kleidi software suite, which includes KleidiCV for computer vision applications and ensures access to optimized performance across Arm architectures.

In collaboration with partners like Intel, MediaTek, Samsung, TSMC, and vivo, Arm aims to advance AI computing capabilities, pushing the boundaries of mobile experiences and semiconductor innovation, highlighting a shared vision of enhancing user experiences and accelerating AI-driven technological advancements.

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