ALTO’s ART 01: A Fusion Of Art And Precision In Watchmaking

ALTO’s ART 01: A Fusion Of Art And Precision In Watchmaking

In the heart of the watchmaking world, ALTO (‘Art and Limited Time Objects’) emerges as a daring newcomer under the guidance of Thibaud Guittard, a passionate horologist. Guittard’s brainchild, the ART 01, symbolizes a fusion of artistry and mechanical innovation, challenging conventional notions of timekeeping. The debut of the ART 01 signifies ALTO’s commitment to intertwining art with precision timekeeping in unprecedented ways.

The ART 01 watch embodies a narrative of artistry and ambition, encapsulated within its angular octagonal design reminiscent of Greek temples and modern skyscrapers. This aesthetic departure invites wearers to reimagine the passage of time. Crafted with great attention to detail, the ART 01 features a unique automatic micro-rotor caliber, deftly engineered by Nussbaumer and the esteemed Cercle des Horlogers in La Chaux-de-Fonds. This unique movement, which rotates counterclockwise, challenges convention and showcases exceptional craftsmanship through a transparent sapphire back, transforming time-checking into an aesthetic experience.

Encased in titanium, the ART 01 marries durability with elegance, evoking a collaboration between ancient sculptors and contemporary architects. The dial, inspired by Greek sculptures and architectural elements, is a masterpiece against a matte black lacquered brass backdrop, characterized by slatted openings that play with light and shadow, paying homage to light as a pivotal artistic motif.

Limited to a production run of 25 numbered pieces, each priced at 18,450 CHF (approximately $20,286 USD), the ART 01 conveys exclusivity and artistic refinement. With its bold design and avant-garde movement, the ART 01 redefines the boundaries of horological artistry, offering wearers a personal invitation to engage with time as both an instrument of precision and an expression of aesthetic brilliance.

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