All-time dumpster fire The Day Before shuts down after 46 days

All-time dumpster fire The Day Before shuts down after 46 days

The Day Before is no more. The spectacular trainwreck of a game, which saw developer Fntastic announcing its closure only four days after launch, closed its servers for good on Monday, reports IGN. Publisher Mytona has wiped all references to the much-hyped Steam Early Access title from its website.

To recap the timeline, the $40 game launched on December 7, Fntastic abruptly said it was shutting down on December 11 and Mytona pulled the plug on the game’s servers on January 22. After the studio’s closure, an official statement from Fntastic said, “Unfortunately, The Day Before has failed financially, and we lack the funds to continue.”

A message from Fntastic CEO Eduard Gotovstev, allegedly posted on Russian social channels on December 11, claimed the game had sold over 200,000 copies. At the time, the title had garnered 81 percent negative reviews on Steam, and nearly half of buyers had requested refunds.

Fntastic / Mytona

As for how it played when it was available, users criticized its “bugginess, lack of originality and seemingly intentional slow in-game progress,” Engadget’s Richard Lai wrote in December. Gameplay videos posted online showed players walking tediously around an empty city with little to do.

Meanwhile, IGN’s Gabriel Moss had the misfortune of reviewing the barely playable fiasco, giving it a rare 1/10 score. “The Day Before is not an MMO or even an open world despite claims from its developer that it would be both of those things,” Moss wrote. “It’s fundamentally an extraction shooter with only one goal: sluggishly run around the mostly empty city, grab some loot and get to one of the extraction points before you die.”

Fntastic said in December it was working with Valve to allow refunds for anyone who requests one, even if they’ve played for more than two hours. You can ask for a refund by navigating to Steam Help > Purchases > The Day Before, then select a reason (probably “Gameplay or technical issue”) under the “What problem are you having with this product?” dropdown.

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