Adobe Integrates Firefly Image 3 Model Into The New Adobe Photoshop, To Enhance Generative AI Capabilities

At MAX London, Adobe introduced the new Photoshop (beta) with advanced generative AI features like Generate Image and Generative Fill with Reference Image. Generate Image aims to streamline the creative process for users of all skill levels. Furthermore, Adobe showcased Firefly Image 3 Foundation Model, which promises photorealistic output and enhanced control. Adobe Express mobile apps now include Firefly AI, expanding creative capabilities for all mobile users.

This expansion aims to meet the growing demand for content creation on mobile platforms.

David Wadhwani, President of Digital Media Business at Adobe, highlighted the impact of Adobe’s generative AI innovations across various segments of the creative community and emphasized the company’s commitment to empowering creators with AI-driven tools.

In addition to the enhancements in Photoshop and Adobe Express, Adobe unveiled innovations across its Creative Cloud ecosystem, including advancements in Adobe Premiere Pro and Acrobat Reader. These innovations aim to streamline video production workflows and enhance digital experiences through AI-powered features.

Photoshop new features highlights

The new Adobe Photoshop (beta) delivers significant improvements for its Generative Fill feature, now featuring Reference Image integration. These enhancements, powered by the Adobe Firefly Image 3 Foundation Model, offer users increased control and capabilities.

The new Generate Image feature expands the existing Generative Fill and Generative Expand capabilities.

New AI-powered features in Photoshop (beta)  include:

  • Reference Image allows users to utilize selected images as inspiration for generative outputs. 
  • Text to Image, combined with Generate Image, introduces full text-to-image capabilities directly in Photoshop, streamlining content creation. 
  • Generate Background simplifies the process of replacing or creating backgrounds, facilitating seamless integration with existing images. 
  • Generate Similar enables creators to iterate on selected variations for deeper exploration of ideas with precise control. 
  • Enhance Detail refines images to enhance sharpness and clarity. 

Generate Similar Photoshop Gen AI

Additionally, Photoshop introduced new tools:

  • Adjustment Brush enables non-destructive adjustments to specific image areas.
  • Improved Font Browser provides real-time access to Adobe’s extensive font library within Photoshop.
  • Adjustment Presets offers one-click filter effects and customization options for streamlined image editing.

Adobe Express and In-Design new gen AI-powered features

The new Adobe Express mobile apps integrate features driven by Adobe Firefly generative AI, such as Text to Image, Text Effects, Generative Fill, and Text to Template. These tools enable of content creators to generate images, designs, and headlines instantly from simple text prompts, facilitating seamless content creation anytime, anywhere. Adobe is also bringing Text to image (beta) to InDesign.

Generate Background Photoshop Gen AI

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