A Fallout crossover is coming to Fortnite

A Fallout crossover is coming to Fortnite

Prime Video’s Fallout series has been , but Microsoft and Bethesda weren’t ready to fully capitalize on its success. Fallout 4 and Bethesda for current-gen consoles, but there was no new Fallout game ready to go. In fact, the next Fallout title is several years away. Bethesda won’t properly get to work on it .

But there’s another gaming entity ready to make the most of Fallout’s upswing in popularity — . The battle royale’s teased a crossover ahead of the new Fortnite season, which is dubbed “Wrecked” and will go live on May 24. Epic shared an image of the Brotherhood of Steel’s power armor.

It’s too early to tell exactly what the Fallout crossover will entail, but Fortnite has already begun setting the stage for a possible post-apocalyptic version of the island as a sandstorm . Maybe you’ll be able to use Fallout-inspired weapons like mini nukes.

This is just the latest example of Epic being tapped into the zeitgeist better than just about any other publisher or studio. Meanwhile, vaulting — the term Epic uses for the act of removing items from Fortnite — could be about to get a whole new meaning if fallout shelters start popping up on the island.

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